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To access the employee portal ( please click the link below:

Employee Portal



To access the AESOP (Professional Development and/or Absence Management website) please click the link below:




To access the STIPD (Professional Development) please click the link below:



Folder Central Office Staff (1 Files)
pdf file Central Office Staff
Folder Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers (1 Files)
pdf file Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers
Folder Employee Information (11 Files)
pdf file Catastrophic Illness Form
pdf file FMLA Form
pdf file FMLA Physician Certification Form
pdf file FMLA Policy
pdf file Maternity Leave Policy
pdf file On the Job Injury Form
pdf file Sick Leave Bank Membership Form
pdf file Sick Leave Bank Policy
pdf file Sick Leave Bank Request Form
pdf file Teacher Certification
Folder Forms and Processes (35 Files)
Sub Folder Immigration Law (3 Files)
pdf file Affidavit Form
pdf file E-Verify Form
pdf file Vendor Compliance Forms
Folder Framework for Continuous Improvement (1 Files)
pdf file Framework for Continuous Improvement
Folder Fundraiser Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Fundraiser Request Form
pdf file Fundraisers Guidelines
Folder Holiday Schedule (1 Files)
pdf file Holiday Schedule 2018-2019
Folder Organizational Chart (1 Files)
pdf file Organizational Chart
Folder Professional Development (3 Files)
pdf file ACS_Administrator_Guidelines.pdf
pdf file Professional Development - Request to enter STIPD
pdf file Professional Development Guidelines
Folder School Dude (2 Files)
pdf file SCHOOL_DUDE.pdf
pdf file Instructions on using School Dude
Folder Text Book Forms (2 Files)
pdf file Replacement Text Book Form
pdf file Resellable Text Books Form
Folder Time & Attendance Procedures (1 Files)
pdf file 2017 Time & Attendance Procedures
Folder Travel Procedures for ACS (1 Files)
Folder Unlicensed Diabetic Assistant (UDA) (1 Files)
pdf file Unlicensed Diabetic Assistant (UDA)
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