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  • Does the traditional school setting not work for your child?
  • Are you currently homeschooling, but unsatisfied with your current resources?
  • Would you like a FREE homeschool option with academic curriculum and support provided by our public school system?
  • Does your child need flexibility in their school scheduling in order to pursue non-academic interests outside of school?
  • Would your child like to participate in extra-curricular activities at the secondary public school, but the traditional public school setting isn’t an interest?


If you answered YES to any of those questions, the ACS iAcademy might be the answer to meeting your child’s needs and interests:


  • Access to courses 24-7
  • Flexibility to complete lessons according to student’s individual schedule and preferred setting
  • Facilitated and monitored by a certified teacher and counselor
  • Opportunity to accelerate learning
  • Opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities
  • Ability of parents and students to maintain complete control of the academic setting
  • Provides high quality instruction and curriculum, which meet state and national standards
  • Provides an opportunity for students to receive academic credit and to receive a diploma from an accredited institution
  • Courses available that are recognized by the NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Free to students who reside within the school district
  • Available for students outside the school district for a tuition fee of $500



What is the ACS iAcademy

The ACS iAcademy is a complete virtual option that differs from the traditional brick-and-mortar school setting. The K-8 curriculum is provided through Acellus online courses. Virtual courses in grades 9-12 are available through three different platforms – Acellus, Odysseyware, and ACCESS. Standards-based content in mathematics, science, social studies, language and reading is provided in all grades. In addition, other electives or enrichment classes may be offered at all levels. At the secondary level, many electives are available beyond the required core, including courses such as advanced placement, foreign languages and career tech.


ACS iAcademy Levels

iFoundations   K-3

iAchieve          4-6

iSuccess           7-8

iGrad                9-12




Alexander City Schools


Board of Education

(256) 234-8600


Dr. J. Darrell Cooper, Superintendent


Dr. Beverly Price

Director of Secondary Schools


Mrs. Ellen Martin

Director of Elementary Schools

Jim Pearson Elementary School

Grades K-2

(256) 234-8625

Mr. Jamie Forbus, Principal

Nathaniel H. Stephens Elementary School

Grades 3-4

(256) 234-8631

Mr. Jon Owens, Assistant Principal


William L. Radney Elementary School

Grades 5-6

(256) 234-8636

Dr. John Prestridge, Principal


Alexander City Middle School

Grades 7-8

(256) 234-8660

Mrs. Tracie Blakely, Principal


Benjamin Russell High School

Grades 9-12

(256) 234-8611

Dr. Anthony Wilkinson, Principal



Alexander City Board of Education | 375 Lee Street | Alexander City, AL 35010 | Ph: (256) 234-8600 | Fx: (256) 329-6547